GW Instek GDM-906X range of 6 ½ digits multimeters.

GW Instek announces the GDM-906X range of 6 ½ digits multimeters

  • The GDM-906X family offered by GW Instek consists of two models of 6 ½ digits multimeters with dual display.
  • The models GDM-9061 and GDM-9060) offer 12 measuring functions, 6 mathematical functions and several communication interfaces.

The GW Instek GDM-906X series multimeters feature a 4.3-inch TFT graphic display. They offer a sampling rate of 10k/s for the GDM-9061 model and 1k/s for the GDM-9060 model. They have a memory depth of 100k for the GDM-9061 model, and 10k for the GDM-9060 model).

These instruments offer 12 measurement functions (voltage/DC, voltage/AC, 2-wire/4-wire resistance, frequency, period, diode, continuity control, temperature, capacitance), as well as 6 mathematical functions (dB/dBm/Compare/MX+B/Percent and 1/X).

These multimeters are equipped with various communication interfaces: peripheral/host USB, RS-232C, Ethernet, digital I/O and optional GPIB)

The measured values can be displayed in a classic way but also as a bar graph, trend graph, histogram or statistical calculation.

The GDM-906X series offers tools to facilitate the use of its instruments, such as programmable numeric keys to facilitate settings requiring numeric input, upper/lower limits, etc.

The user interface is available in several languages: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean).
# Main features of the GW Instek GDM-906X series multimeters:

  • Display of 6 ½ Digit
  • 4.3-inch TFT LCD graphic
  • Précision basic (Vdc) : 0.0035% (GDM-9061), 0.0075% (GDM-9060)
  • Measurement functions: AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, 2 and 4-wire resistance, frequency, period, diode test, continuity test, temperature and capacitance
  • Sampling rate : up to 10kS/s (GDM-9061)
  • Mesure simultaneous of two selected parameters
  • Temperature measurement with RTD probe, thermistor and thermocouple
  • Interfaces : USB Host/USB device, RS-232C, Ethernet, digital I/O, and GPIB (optional)