GBM-3000 battery tester from GW Instek.

GW Instek announces the GBM-3000 battery tester

  • GW Instek offers the GBM-3000 series of battery testers for measuring the voltage and internal resistance to 300V (model GBM-3300) and 80V (model GBM-3080) batteries.

The GBM-3000 battery testers, with a 3.5″ TFT LCD display, use a 4-wire measurement method. They offer a high-resolution display (6 voltage digits / 5 resistance digits) and an independant Go/NoGo test function for voltage and resistance measurement.

The GBM-3000 series testers are designed to perform open circuit voltage and resistance measurements on different types of batteries. They have a voltage measurement accuracy of ± (0.01% of the read value + 3 digits), and a resolution of 10μV (at 8V). For resistance measurement, the accuracy is ± (0.5% of the read value + 5 digits) and the resolution is 0.1μΩ (at 3mΩ).

A detection function indicates the state of the contacts between the test probe and the object under test, guaranteeing the validity of the measured value.

Two data storage methods (up to 10,000 lots of measured values) are available. The “general memory” only records measured voltage and resistance values. The “statistical memory” is based on parameters corresponding to the statistical analysis (Cp/Ckp/Mean/MAX/MIN…). Measurements can be stored in internal memory and then transferred to a computer via a USB stick for later analysis.
Main features of the GBM-3000 series battery testers :

  • 3.5′ TFT LCD screen (320×240)
  • Measurements: DC voltage and AC resistance
  • Voltage range: 300V (GBM-3300) or 80V (GBM-3080)
  • Resistance range: 0mΩ~ 3.2kΩ(max.)
  • Basic accuracy for voltage measurement: 0.01%.
  • Basic accuracy for resistance measurement: 0.5%.
  • Measuring resolution up to 0.1μΩ and 10μV, suitable for single-cell battery measurement
  • Independent GO/NOGO test function for voltage and resistance
  • Standard interfaces: USB Host/Device, RS-232C and Handler