FRA frequency response analysis software from GW Instek

GW Instek’s MSO-2000E oscilloscopes feature frequency analysis tool

  • The MSO-2000EA and MDO-2000E range oscilloscopes access the frequency response analysis function via the V1.34 firmware.

The FRA (Frequency Response Analysis) software can be downloaded free of charge from the GW Instek website.

After installation, the combination of an arbitrary waveform generator, an oscilloscope using the FRA software, allows to obtain the frequency response of a unit under test (Bode plot).

FRA frequency response analysis software is designed for various applications: performance analysis of circuits and components such as feedback circuits, filters, amplifiers, resonant circuits, cables and signal transformers. It thus allows a preliminary verification of their characteristics.

The FRA software covers a frequency range from 20Hz to 25MHz. 10 to 90 test points can be selected per decade.