GW Instek MFG-2220HM generator

GW Instek offers the MFG-2220HM series two-channel generator

  • GW Instek completes the MFG-2000 family of signal generators with the MFG-2220HM with two 200MHz channels.
  • This instrument features a Reference Input / Reference Output function, which, via interfaces, can drive up to four generators, providing eight phase-synchronized outputs.

The MFG-2220HM generator, with a 4.3-inch TFT display, provides sinusoidal, square, ramp, pulse, etc. signals.

The instrument has a memory depth of 16kpts and operates at a sampling rate of up to 250 MS/s with a waveform repetition rate of 125 MHz. The signals are generated with an amplitude resolution of 14 bits.

This generator supports several modulation functions : ASK/PSK, AM, FM, PM, SUM, FSK, PWM. It also integrates a 150 MHz frequency counter with 8-bit resolution and a 25 MHz pulse generator. The adjustable pulse width, rise time and falling edge time can be evaluated as trigger signals. The models with two synchronized channels offer correlated functions: synchronization, delay, sum and coupling.
# Specification overview :

  • 2 Equivalent Performance Arbitrary Channels Frequency : 1μHz~200MHz
  • Pulse Generator Frequency : 25MHz
  • True Point by Point Output Arbitrary Waveform Function : 200MSa/s, 125MHz Repetition Rate, 14-bit Resolution, 16k Point Memory Depth
  • Frequency Counter : 150MHz, 8 bits Frequency Resolution
  • USB Host/USB Device/LAN