Sensors for IoT applications

How IoT applications are leveraging the potential of sensors

  • Farnell, an Avnet company and global distributor of electronic components, products and solutions, has released a white paper on the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • The paper, titled “Smart Sensors – Enabling the Intelligent IoT,” explains how the latest generation of sensors are enabling the full potential of the IoT.

Sensors bring the IoT to life. Using new chemical and spectroscopic technologies, sensors enable IoT systems to see, hear, and even smell the world around them. Sensors are already providing raw data in real time to a growing number of applications that use them to generate information. Sensors are increasingly incorporating sophisticated features to facilitate their integration into IoT networks and deliver relevant information more easily.

This white paper describes the choices available to engineers and the various considerations to be made when selecting and integrating sensors into IoT designs. It discusses several considerations for deploying an IoT application:

– Emphasis on low power consumption.
– The ability to connect sensors using wireless networks.
– The inclusion of security protections.
– Data fusion techniques for in-depth analysis.
This white paper is available for free download at: