Innovative Integration FMC-SDF module

Innovative Integration announces the FMC-SDF module with high SNR performance

Innovative Integration, a supplier of signal processing and data acquisition hardware and software solutions, announced the FMC-SDF. The FMC-SDF FMC module features four 24-bit, ADCs and two, 18-bit DACs, each simultaneously-sampling and DC-accurate.

Captures may be triggered via software or external LVCMOS edges.
The FMC-SDF power consumption is under 15 W for typical operation. The module may be conduction cooled using a VITA20 standard heat-spreader. The product may be conformal coated and ruggedized for wide-temperature operation from -40 to +85C operation and exposure to 0.1 g2/Hz vibration.

“The FMC-SDF may be combined with any HPC FMC carrier, such as our Cardsharp, Zynq-based single-board computer, to create an autonomous, rugged, intelligent instrumentation. The analog subsystem on the FMC-SDF provides over 100 dB of usable dynamic range, allowing processing and extraction of extremely-subtle features within signals produced by a wide-variety of transducers”, said Jim Henderson, President of Innovative Integration.

Support logic in VHDL is provided for Innovative’s broad line of FPGA-accelerated FMC carriers. The Framework Logic package
supports development under Xilinx Vivado using VHDL or HLS (high-level synthesis). Additionally, the Matlab BSP within the
Framework supports real-time hardware-in-the-loop development using the graphical block-diagram Simulink environment and Xilinx
System Generator.

The extensive Malibu C++ library, supports Intel IPP accelerated signal processing, full peripheral initialization and control. It is
provided with the product at no charge and includes drivers for Windows and Linux, 32/64-bit including RTOS variants.