LoRa : low cost, long battery life, and wide range wireless technology for IoT applications

IoT: Semtech announces collaboration with The Things Industries

  • Semtech announced its collaboration with The Things Industries to foster the development of new solutions combining cellular communication and LoRaWAN® radio transmission technologies.
  • The collaboration aims to make it easier and faster for more people to deploy IoT applications.

The complexity of integrating end-to-end connectivity is slowing the adoption of IoT at scale. This is one of the biggest barriers to deploying IoT applications, according to a global survey by Analysys Mason.

Semtech is working with partners in the LoRaWAN ecosystem to address this issue by developing new IoT solutions that combine the long-range coverage and ultra-low power consumption of wireless devices communicating via LoRa® technology, leveraging the high-speed, ubiquitous connectivity of cellular communication networks. The goal is to enable system integration across both technologies by simplifying IoT deployments and providing broad network coverage.

The Things Industries is one of Semtech’s partners. The Dutch company announced in early February that it had reached one million connected devices on its LoRaWAN network management infrastructure. The one million connected devices are spread across a wide range of customers, system integrators and device suppliers worldwide.

“This collaboration aims to bring the cellular and LoRaWAN ecosystems together to provide LoRaWAN developers with the ubiquity of cellular connectivity, and all customers with best-in-class solutions for the Internet of Things,” said Ross Gray, vice president and general manager of the IoT Connected Services group, at Semtech.

“This partnership demonstrates our commitment to providing customers with a secure, predictable and scalable IoT network infrastructure for their gateway backhauls using LoRaWAN. Together with ecosystem partners like Semtech, we are taking the integration between cellular and LoRa a step further,” said Wienke Giezeman, CEO and co-founder of The Things Industries.

LoRaWAN is a radio communication protocol based on the proprietary LoRa modulation technology, created in 2009 by French startup Cycléo (acquired by Semtech in 2012). The protocol enables low-cost integration of long-range, energy-efficient wireless communication capabilities into devices. Semtech, a U.S. manufacturer of LoRa chipsets, promotes this technology through the LoRa Alliance, of which it is a founding member.