i3070 Series 7i in-circuit tester from Keysight.

Keysight announces i3070 Series 7i electronic in-circuit test system

  • The i3070 Series 7i electronic in-circuit tester from Keysight Technologies aims to reduce test times.
  • This in-circuit tester, which can test up to 5760 nodes of an electronic board, will be presented at Productronica, which takes place in Munich from November 14 to 17, 2023.

The i3070 Series 7i tester exploits a short-circuit test algorithm that takes place in two stages: a detection phase and an isolation phase. This, according to Keysight, speeds up the test process by 50% compared with traditional methods.

Thanks to the latest-generation Quad-Density pins, it can handle up to 5,760 test nodes while maintaining a small footprint (800 mm x 1,500 mm x 1,970 mm). It can accommodate boards with surface areas ranging from 50 mm x 60 mm to 470 mm x 500 mm.

This in-circuit tester can test supercapacitors up to 100 Farads, thanks to an integration solution that eliminates the need for individual mounting electronics.

It can perform current measurements down to levels as low as 100 nanoamperes (nA), and improves coverage thanks to its automatic cluster test generation capability. The process of forming passive component clusters is automated to eliminate the manual task of grouping components. This reduces human intervention and potential errors.

This test system is equipped with functional ports to integrate, for example, an LED test analyzer and a Flash memory programming system. It also incorporates an x1149 Boundary Scan analyzer.

The i3070 Series 7i tester is backwards compatible with the test programs and interfaces of the E9988E and E9988EL series test systems.