Seica Pilot VX Flying Probe Tester

Seica to present Pilot VX flying probe tester at productronica 2021

  • Seica is showcasing its new Pilot VX series flying probe testing platform at productronica, November 16-19, 2021 in Munich.

Seica designed the Pilot VX to reduce testing times. The Italian manufacturer promises a 50% reduction in test time through the implementation of new mechanical and motion control features. This tester is equipped with 12 multifunctional test heads that can contact up to 44 points simultaneously. Algorithms using artificial intelligence tools automatically optimize the test flow in real time, while maintaining test coverage targets.

The Pilot VX test platform is configurable to fit the specific requirements of the product under test, whether it is a relatively simple bare board, a more complex electronic board with passive and active components, double-sided boards with components that need to be programmed, LEDs that need to be tested electrically and optically, small or large boards…

Beyond its ability to save test data, the Pilot VX can also collect and record data about the mechanical pressure applied by the test probes on each point of the board under test, making it available for visual, graphical and statistical analysis.

The Pilot VX can test very small circuits and measure very low electrical values. Its flying probes have a positioning accuracy of +/- 10µm. They can probe 20 µm pads, measure 0.05pF capacitances or 100 µohm resistances. With a spot size of just 200 µm, the laser inspection tool can perform presence/absence checks on SMD components, even type 01005.

Seica also offers the Seica Asset Manager (SAM) software suite. This configurable platform can perform basic functions such as connecting a test system to the plant’s MES software, but it also has the potential to monitor all assets on a robotic line according to the MQTT Broker IIOT standard, which can then be monitored on a remote PC, tablet or mobile device via the customizable Seica Dashboard App.