Keysight's FieldFox handheld RF and microwave analyzer

Keysight’s FieldFox portable handheld spectrum analyzers raise to 50 GHz

  • Keysight Technologies announced at the 2015 Paris edition of European Microwave Week the expansion of the frequency range of its FieldFox portable analyzers. 
  • Six models offer a frequency band of 32,44 or 50 GHz.
  • The cable and antenna analyzer can combine a spectrum analyzer, vector network analyzer, wattmeter and pulse meter according to the options that can be activated later.
  • The spectrum analyzer offers an optional wattmeter, pulse measurements, preamplifier and tracking generator.

Keysight Technologies completes its FieldFox field analyzer family with six millimeter wave models. The high end model is the combined field analyzer covering a frequency range up to 50 GHz. By offering various options that can be activated later, FieldFox can replace three or even four commonly used instruments for maintenance and troubleshooting of systems operating on Ka-band frequencies and beyond.

The FieldFox models, which weigh only 3.2 kg, deliver laboratory quality measurements that enable to fully characterize in the field the latest and most complex radar and satellite systems,”said Dan Dunn, general manager of RF and microwave field analyzers.

The three combined analyzer models cover frequencies of 32,44 and 50 GHz. They provide spectrum analyzer, vector network analyzer and cable and antenna test functions in a single robust module (meeting the MIL-PRF-28800F Class 2 Rugged standard) and portable (3.5 hour battery life on replaceable battery). The three spectrum analyzer models cover the same frequency range.

The FieldFox family of analysers with a 6.5″ display has been optimised for field testing. The fully waterproof housing (without fan or ventilation) complies with US MIL-PRF-28800F, Class 2, and has been subjected to a type test according to MIL-STD-810G requirements for use in explosive environments (Method 511.5, Procedure 1). FieldFox analysers have also undergone a type test according to the requirements of IEC/EN 60529 IP53 to ensure protection against water ingress and dust intrusion.

These analyzers offer a range of scalable features through software upgrades. This means users can choose the features they need right away and add more later. Features available include: a vector voltmeter, a TDR cable measuring function, an integrated wattmeter, pulse measurements, temporal synchronization of the spectrum analyzer, an interference analyzer (with spectrogram) and a GPS receiver.
The six new models available:

  • FieldFox N9950A 32 GHz Microwave (Combined) Microwave Analyzer FieldFox N9950A 32 GHz
  • FieldFox N9951A 44 GHz Microwave microwave analyzer (combined) FieldFox N9951A 44 GHz
  • FieldFox N9952A 50 GHz Microwave microwave analyzer (combined) FieldFox N9952A 50 GHz
  • FieldFox N9960A 32 GHz Spectrum Analyser – FieldFox N9960A 32 GHz Spectrum Analyser
  • FieldFox N9961A Spectrum Analyser 44 GHz
  • FieldFox N9962A 50 GHz Spectrum Analyser – FieldFox N9962A 50 GHz Spectrum Analyser