RF instruments of Keysight available trough a selection of distribution partners

Keysight’s RF instruments now available through authorized distributors

RF test and measurement instruments of Keysight Technologies are now available trough a selection of distribution partners in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India.
It has been several years since Keysight delegated the sale of many portable and laboratory instruments to a network of authorized distributors. To respond to changing customer demands, Keysight has extended over the years the portfolio of hardware and software sold by its distributors.

Wireless communication technologies are deployed in more and more products and equipment. Technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee and other communication protocols for IoT applications (Internet of things) are used in a wide range of industries: home automation, communication, automotive, energy, aeronautics, medical, consumer products, education, etc.

More companies developing electronic solutions and products are now having to generate RF signals and analyse them at increasingly higher frequency levels reaching the radio frequency spectrum and sometimes even the millimeter wave range.

To address this expanded market more effectively, Keysight has entrusted its distribution partners with instruments covering frequencies from DC to RF. “Our distributors’s customers will benefit from the expertise and experience of our partners through a single point of contact,”said Keysight.
This broad range of RF products includes :

  • Vector Network Analysers of ENA Series
  • Portable spectrum analyzers of the Fieldfox and HSA series
  • Portable spectrum analyzers of HSA range
  • Bench Spectrum and Signal Analysers of CXA Series
  • RF signal generators of the EXG and MXG series
  • RF wattmeter
  • RLC bridge from 1 MHz to 3 GHz of the E4982A range
  • Probes, test accessories and application software.