i7090 Electronic Board Test System from Keysight

Lacroix Electronics Selects Keysight’s i7090 Board Test System

  • Keysight Technologies announced that Lacroix Electronics has deployed its i7090 massively parallel board test system at its automotive printed circuit board manufacturing facility.

Lacroix Electronics specializes in the design and production of electronic assemblies and subassemblies. The company manufactures over one million automotive printed circuit boards (PCBs) per year. As the complexity of electronic boards increases, multiple systems are required to perform in-circuit testing (ICT), component programming and functional testing.

To support their production growth in Poland, Keysight provided Lacroix with the i7090 massively parallel board test system.

“Through this partnership with Keysight, we aim to become a pioneer in implementing innovative solutions in the field of in-circuit testing, with the objective of achieving productivity gains and a significant return on investment. The results after eight months of testing are already very encouraging,” reports Vincent Airiau, test engineering manager for Lacroix’s Electronics business.

Keysight’s i7090 system has allowed Lacroix to run tests in parallel, reduce labor costs and increase throughput. With a small footprint (600 mm wide), it allowed Lacroix to replace two offline in-system testers and two programming stations.

Keysight’s i7090 board test system leverages massively parallel computing cores. With up to 20 parallel test cores and 160 simultaneous flashing channels, it is designed to test PCBs quickly and at a low cost per unit tested. The system was customized to meet Lacroix’s needs. It incorporates scalable instrumentation and switching matrix to accommodate Lacroix’s changing needs. The configuration of the test resources can also be modified as needed.