Pickering Interfaces PXI 40-588 Matrix

Pickering 40/42-588 switch matrix bandwidth reaches 70MHz

  • Pickering Interfaces, a provider of modular switching and signal simulation solutions for electronic testing and verification, announces a range of PXI-format switching matrices with bandwidths from 35MHz to 70MHz.
  • These PXI switchers are available in 16×8 or 32×8 2-pole configurations.

The 40-588 series PXI and 42-588 series PXIe modules occupy two slots in a PXI chassis. They are equipped with electromechanical relays capable of switching hot or cold currents of 2A at 220VDC/250VAC.

They have bandwidths ranging from 35MHz to 70MHz depending on the chosen path and a voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) lower than 1.5 over a frequency range from 1 to 85 MHz. “The 40/42-588 modules with their matrix design and isolation feature offer significant switching capabilities while maintaining excellent RF performance,” said Steve Edwards, Switching Product Manager at Pickering,

The 40/42-588 matrices consist of two 16×8 matrix daughter boards with their Y-connections connected by an internal analog bus. This minimizes the cost and complexity of interconnect cable systems.

The daughter boards are equipped with isolation switches between the matrix Y-bus and the analog interconnect bus. They ensure that only the required Y signal is routed to the front panel connector. This helps to preserve bandwidth and crosstalk performance.

The 40/42-588 modules support Pickering’s eBIRST diagnostic test tools. As with all Pickering products, they carry a three-year warranty and are supplied with replacement relays that allow users, with proper training, to replace them themselves, minimizing system downtime.