Pickering Interfaces 41-765 Series PXI module

Pickering Interfaces Announces PXI 41-765 Module for Current Loop Simulation

  • Pickering Interfaces 41-765 Series PXI modules simulate the transceivers of industrial control systems communicating in 4 to 20 mA current loops.

The 41-765 modules, which carry a three-year warranty, are designed to simulate industrial current loop transceivers in applications involving process control instruments, PID controllers, supervisory control systems (SCADA) and programmable logic controllers.

“Most simulators are hand-held devices. By automating the process, the 41-765 Analog Output/Current Loop Simulation Modules save time and improve the accuracy of hardware-in-the-loop simulation applications,” said Paul Bovingdon, Manager of Simulation Products at Pickering Interfaces.

With 4 to 16 channels in a single PXI slot, the density of the 41-765 modules frees up space in the PXI chassis for other instruments.

Versatile thanks to their different output modes (4-20mA, 0-24mA, +/-24mA, 0-5V, +/-5V and +/-12mV), the 41-765 modules allow the programming of the slew rate in order to simulate as accurately as possible the behavior of various sensors.

The modules integrate relays to perform short circuit and open circuit to conduct fault insertion tests on each channel. They can also operate in full isolation mode to avoid ground loops.

The modules can be self-powered using the PXI chassis power supply or can be externally powered in full isolation mode. A channel can be a power source or sink, emulating a transmitter or receiver.

The 41-765 series cards, available in PXI or PXI Express format, are supplied with their software front end and Kernel and Visa drivers as well as for major programming environments such as C/C++, .Net, Python, Labview and Matlab.
# Main specifications of the 41-765 PXI module

  • Operating Modes: 4-20mA, 0-24mA, +/-24mA, 0-5V, +/-12V & +/-5V
  • Up to 16 channels in a single PXI slot module
  • 16-bit resolution – Output control at 1μA
  • Accuracy of ±0.1% ± Resolution
  • Programmable Slew Rate
  • Simulation of short and open circuits