Pickering Interfaces high-density PXI 41-761 module.

Pickering offers the high-density PXI 41-761 module for thermocouple simulation

  • Pickering Interfaces, a specialist in modular switching and signal simulation solutions for electronic testing and validation, announces a low-voltage output module for thermocouple simulation.
  • The 41-761 thermocouple simulation module, which integrates up to 32 isolated channels, occupies only one slot in a PXI chassis.


The 41-761 module complements Pickering Interfaces’ line of thermocouple simulators. It is available in 32, 24, 16 or 8 channel versions. Each channel provides a low voltage output on two connector pins, capable of delivering ±20mV with 0.7µV resolution, 50mV with 1.7µV resolution and 100mV with 3.3µV resolution. This covers the requirements of most thermocouples.

The two-wire outputs and ground insulation guarantee accurate simulation of low voltages, even when common mode voltages are present in the system. Each simulation channel can be configured as an open circuit to simulate a faulty sensor connection. For increased accuracy, calibration data for each of the low voltage output channels is stored in the module’s EEPROM.

When used for thermocouple simulation, the 41-761 module can be connected directly into the measuring system without the need for thermocouple blocks and cold junction compensation. For this purpose, Pickering Interfaces offers a 78-pin connector with 32, 24, 16 or 8 twisted copper pairs terminated with mini copper thermocouple plugs.

The 40-965-912 compensating block is available as an option to read back the temperature from the front panel of the junction via the supplied driver. This increases test accuracy.

This new high-density solution is supported in any PXI or PXIe hybrid chassis, as well as in a modular chassis driven via an LXI Ethernet/USB link from Pickering Interfaces.