Pickering Interfaces PXI/USB/LXI 60-106 chassis.

Pickering’s 60-106 1U chassis accepts six PXI modules

  • Pickering Interfaces, a provider of modular switching and signal simulation solutions, announces the chassis 60-106 with USB and LXI links.
  • This chassis, with a 1U rack form factor, has six slots for PXI format cards.

The Pickering 60-106 chassis accepts from one to six Pickering 3U PXI cards with more than 1000 module types: programmable resistors, matrices, multiplexers, universal relays, RF/Hyper switches and defect insertion units.

The chassis is USB 3.0 compatible and has an interface that complies with LXI specifications with the possibility of using a WI-Fi dongle (sold separately).

Through control via USB or Ethernet LXI links, the chassis can be controlled via standard interfaces available on all PCs, computers and tablets that support HTML5.

This chassis accepts various system configurations. It can receive switch matrices up to 3312 crosspoints (three BRIC2 modules of 40-560 occupying three pairs of slots) or up to 108 channels of programmable resistor/probe emulation (six 40-295 18-channel resistor modules occupying six slots). This allows the necessary switching solutions to be added to a test application while freeing up PXI/PXIe chassis slots for instrumentation.