PXIe USB 2.0 Hub Module (Model 42-738) from Pickering Interfaces.

Pickering Interfaces Introduces PXIe USB 2.0 Hub Module

  • Pickering Interfaces announces the addition of a PXIe version of its USB 2.0 Hub module  for connecting USB devices and instruments to a PXIe chassis.
  • This new module has the same features as its existing PXI USB 2.0 Hub (model 40-738).

This USB 2.0 Hub (model 42-738) is a single-slot 3U PXIe module that combines an 8-port USB 2.0 hub and USB data/power switching to provide a controlled connection between the backplane and USB products.
Each port can connect and disconnect power and data paths separately, simulating various connection faults.

The module can be used to connect a USB device under test or USB test equipment to the test system without reliance on the controller’s USB ports, eliminating the need for free-standing powered hubs in a test system.

It also provides a simple way of expanding the range of test equipment supported by PXI-based test systems to include USB power meters, USB data acquisition systems and USB scopes.