Pickering Interfaces Partnership Program with System Integrators

Pickering Interfaces Announces Partnership Program with System Integrators

  • Pickering Interfaces, a provider of modular switching and signal simulation solutions for electronic test and validation, has launched its partnership program with test system integrators.

This program aims to ensure that manufacturers can be supported in their development and deployment projects for their automatic test equipment by a systems integrator that meets their application requirements and needs.

“Customers are working on the development of a diversity of systems that are becoming increasingly complex. This may require a broader product or service offering than we can provide,” said Joe Woodford, Director of International Sales and Partner Program at Pickering Interfaces.

The Pickering Partner Program is designed to enable end customers in industrial sectors such as defence, aerospace, automotive and semiconductor to capitalize on Pickering technology while leveraging the know-how and technological expertise of a systems integrator that best suits their application or needs.

“Our philosophy is based on three pillars: design, deployment and support. We want our partners to be closely involved in the test system design process with customers and to support them during the deployment phase. Our partners will provide turnkey systems based on our technology. Our primary goal is to improve the customer experience,” says Joe Woodford.

To do this, Pickering has selected a number of partners in different countries with expertise in the integration of its switching modules and sensor simulation solutions. The partner program brings together nearly 30 system integrators operating in the United States, Asia and Europe.

In order to select the most appropriate local partner for their needs, their industrial sector or the technical specificities of their application, Pickering Interfaces has created a dedicated web page, through which manufacturers can apply a number of filters (region, technology, market, product, software) in order to obtain the selection of the most appropriate partners.

Pickering explains that it has carefully evaluated all the partners, many of whom have been customers for many years. For many, joining this partner program is simply formalizing an existing relationship.

Systems Integrator Partners will benefit from a closer contractual arrangement with Pickering and access to resources and tools to help them deliver the optimal solution to their customers.