GX3722 Multifunction PXI Instrument from Marvin Test Solutions

Marvin Test Solutions Announces the GX3722 PXI Multifunction Instrument

  • Marvin Test Solutions introduces the GX3722 Series PXI board offering a variety of analog and digital I/Os.
  • The GX3722 is a 3U PXI board featuring a user-configurable FPGA, as well as a daughter board with analog and digital I/Os.
  • This daughter board interfaces with the GX3700 board that includes an Altera Stratix III FPGA.

This GX3722 series PXI module, offered by Marvin Test Solutions, provides analog and digital signal generation and measurement capabilities. It combines measurement and control functions in a single hybrid 3U PXI slot.

Analog measurements can be made via four channels covering a 10 MHz frequency band with an input impedance of 50 Ω and 75 Ω. Two channels with integrated conditioner digitize the signals with 12-bit resolution at a maximum sampling rate of 10 MS/s. They have a voltage input range of 24 Vpp and their input impedance and sampling rates are programmable.

Two waveform generation channels deliver sinusoidal, triangular, sawtooth, square and arbitrary signals up to 10 MHz. Four dedicated square wave generation channels complement the signal generation capabilities of this board. The addition of four 100 kHz differential TTL I/O channels and three open-collector output channels (50 V, 2.0 A) allows control of external devices.

Square wave signals can be generated at frequencies up to 8 MHz. Time interval analyzers can operate up to 10 MHz. Function generators deliver sine waves and arbitrary waveforms up to 20 KHz.

The GX3722 series PXI module is supplied with GxFPGA software which includes a virtual dashboard and a Windows® 32/64-bit DLL driver. Interface files are provided to allow access to programming tools and languages such as ATEasy®, LabVIEW™, C/C++, Microsoft C# and Visual Basic® .Net. A Linux driver is also provided with the GtLinux software package.

The module has access to all PXI bus resources, including the 10 MHz PXI clock, local bus and PXI triggers, allowing the user to create a custom instrument that integrates all PXI bus resources. Control and access to the FPGA is provided by the GX3722 driver, which allows the compiled FPGA code to be downloaded and read and write to registers.

A ruggedized, extended-temperature version is available for customers deploying test systems that must operate under extreme conditions.
# Key Features :

  • 4 channels, programmable square wave generator
  • 4 chains, time interval counter
  • 4 differential TTL outputs
  • 4 differential TTL inputs
  • 2-channel function generator
  • 2 channels digitizer
  • 3 open collector outputs