Marvin Test Solutions’s GX3748 Series PXI Card

Marvin Test Solutions offers the GX3748 Series 48-Channel Threshold Comparator PXI Card

  • Marvin Test Solutions announces the GX3748 series PXI board with 48 channels for voltage threshold comparator.
  • Its capabilities for monitoring events that may occur on the signals of an automated test system can be customized via a user-configurable embedded FPGA circuit.

The GX3748 integrates 48 channels of voltage comparator with windowing and accurate level detection to enable event monitoring and control. Based on user-programmable voltage threshold levels, triggers can be generated to react quickly when out-of-limit test conditions occur.

Multiple high-density comparator boards can be combined in a single PXI chassis without sacrificing system performance or response time. This allows the monitoring capability to be extended to several hundred channels.

The 50V input range is suitable for a variety of applications, combining 16 channels of comparator window functionality with 32 channels of threshold detection. Signal levels can be monitored on any of the input channels. Event time-stamping and data digitization and storage can be performed on a single channel in groups of 16 channels.

“The GX3748 Series is suitable for applications that require simultaneous monitoring of 10 to 100 channels and need to react quickly when an event occurs,” said Jon Semancik, Director of Marketing, Marvin Test Solutions.

The user can modify the instrument’s functionality via FPGA board programming tools on the GX3748 board, which incorporates an Intel/Altera Stratix III FPGA daughter board that can be configured by the user from the Quartus or Quartus Prime Lite programming tools (no license required).

The GX3748 board comes with GxFPGA, a software package including a virtual dashboard, a Windows 32/64-bit DLL driver and the appropriate documentation. Interface files are provided to allow access to programming tools and languages such as ATEasy, LabVIEW, C/C++, Microsoft C# and Visual Basic .Net. A Linux driver is also provided with the GtLinux software package.