Marvin Test Solutions TS-700 Series PXI Test Platform.

Marvin Test solutions offers the pre-configured PXI functional test platforms of the TS-700 series

  • Marvin Test Solutions offers pre-configured functional test platforms in PXI format for the TS-700 series.
  • These “ready-to-use” solutions are the building blocks of a larger test system.
  • The manufacturer can thus focus on the specific developments of his test system, thus reducing the time required to design and implement his application.

Choosing PXI instrumentation is the first step towards designing a modular, flexible and scalable test system. Then it remains to choose the most appropriate solutions for the application from among the equipment offered by many suppliers. Finally, hardware and software integration must be ensured. While the PXI standard is promising, it requires time and expertise to implement the test solution.

However, many applications have similar functional requirements, including basic signal routing, voltage and resistance measurements, and digital I/O. This common core (or base platform) can be used and complemented with other PXI instruments and switches to meet the specific requirements of applications such as aeronautics, high-speed digital electronics and mixed signal testing.

By leveraging its expertise in test system development, Marvin Test Solutions (MTS) has identified the most common hardware configurations for specific applications, which can then serve as the building blocks for test systems. The objective is to simplify the development of test equipment, improve time-to-market and ultimately reduce test development costs.

Its pre-configured TS-700 Series functional test platform is “ready to use”, so that the manufacturer can focus on application-specific developments rather than the test system to reduce the time to application development and deployment.

Each configuration includes a 14-slot PXI chassis with (6) 6U and (7) 3U peripheral slots, 960 pins, an iCON UUT interface with zero insertion force, a system controller and general purpose analog and digital I/O. Each system is provided with a self-test subsystem, including software and a self-test adapter, which verifies the functional integrity of the system and resource connections to the test system interface.

The ATEasy suite, MTS’s software environment for test development and execution that ensures test execution, sequencing, debugging and defect analysis, is also delivered with each system. ATEasy provides the tools necessary for the development, deployment and maintenance of software components, including instrument drivers, test programs and user interfaces, as well as the integration of simulation capabilities to accelerate the development and deployment of test programs.
# Preconfigured PXI functional test platforms of the TS-700 series:

  • TS-705 Basic platform
  • TS-710 Basic functional test platform with digital I/O
  • TS-720 Boundary-Scan functional test platform
  • TS-730 Mixed signal test platform
  • TS-750 Digital Test Platform
  • TS-770 Commercial Avionics Test Platform
  • TS-775 Military Avionics Test Platform