Applications requiring on-board automotive temperature sensors (Microchip).

Microchip’s MCP998x family of multi-channel temperature sensors are automotive-qualified

  • Microchip Technology’s MCP998x family comprises several model of automotive-qualified multi-channel temperature sensors.
  • The family comprises sensors incorporating two to five channels of temperature measurement over a range from -40°C to +125°C, with a maximum accuracy of ±1°C and a resolution of 0.125°C.
  • These sensors incorporate safety and security features to prevent malicious software deactivation.

Offering up to five monitoring channels and a range of warning and shutdown safety options, these sensors can be integrated into systems that monitor multiple thermal elements. Monitoring multi-point temperatures via a single sensor reduces complexity and board size, while simplifying design and reducing bill of materials (BOM).

These sensors incorporate resistance error correction (REC), beta compensation and automatic diode type detection. Resistance error correction automatically eliminates temperature error caused by series resistance, allowing greater flexibility in thermal diode routing. Beta compensation eliminates temperature errors caused by low and variable beta transistors. The automatic beta detection function monitors the external diode/transistor and determines the optimum sensor settings for accurate temperature measurements, regardless of processor technology. This eliminates the need for the user to provide sensor configurations for each temperature monitoring application.

Microchip MCP9985 series five-channel automotive temperature sensor.The MCP998x series sensors are designed to be integrated into systems that monitor vehicle functions, including HID lamps, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), car servers, video processing, infotainment systems, engine control, telematics and body electronics such as seat control, lighting systems, mirror control and window power.
The new EV23P16A evaluation board is available to facilitate the design and development of applications using the MCP998x family of temperature sensors.

The MCP998x family of multi-channel temperature sensors starts at $0.63 per unit for 10,000 units.