Narda SignalShark spectrum analyzer with Procitec signal processing software

Narda adds mobile signal monitoring capabilities to SignalShark spectrum analyzers

  • Narda Safety Test Solutions has expanded the scope of its SignalShark system, adding capabilities for mobile broadband signal monitoring and real-time analysis.
  • This solution is the result of its cooperation with Procitec, a specialist in software-based signal processing.

The goal of the technology partnership between the two German companies was to create a mobile monitoring and real-time analysis system optimized for wireless communication signals on land, at sea and in the air.

The combination of Narda’s SignalShark real-time receiver and Procitec’s integrated go2Monitor software provides a mobile solution for automatic monitoring and evaluation of radio frequency signals.

This solution is designed to meet the requirements of radio spectrum monitoring applications implemented by regulatory authorities and mobile network operators, but also emergency response services, such as police, border police and, most importantly, the military.

The SignalShark receiver can automatically measure ITU-compliant radio signals up to 8 GHz. With its real-time bandwidth of 40 MHz, it is able to record signals from broadband services. It transmits them as VITA49-compatible IQ streams, depending on the application, fixed or mobile, to an external PC or, via localhost, internally to the Procitec application on the receiver.

The go2Monitor software is installed on both the external computer and the SignalShark analyzer. In both configurations, signals can be classified, demodulated, decoded and recorded for further analysis in real time.

In measurement applications, the signals of all services in a frequency band are continuously monitored over a wide band and recorded in their entirety. Depending on the application, this includes, for example, Tetra, Tetrapol or APCO25 in addition to the cell phone services. At the same time, the analysis software automatically determines more detailed information with parameters such as modem, bandwidth and symbol rate, which are displayed on the screen of the SignalShark or the external PC. The required decoders can be integrated with different decoder packages via licenses, so that the user can decode any signal.