Narda’s SignalShark 3330 Outdoor RF signal analyzer

Narda offers the SignalShark Outdoor stand-alone analyzer for outdoor RF signal monitoring

  • Narda Safety Test Solutions announces an analyzer for monitoring radio signals in the frequency range of 8 kHz and 8 GHz.
  • Installed in a housing intended for outdoor use, the SignalShark 3330 Outdoor analyzer is designed to operate autonomously and continuously 24/7.

Narda’s SignalShark 3330 Outdoor stand-alone analyzer detects, analyzes, classifies, and localizes RF signals in the 8 kHz to 8 GHz frequency range. It is designed to be installed on top of an antenna mast and to withstand the most varied climatic conditions over a temperature range of -20 and 55 °C.

Its 40 MHz real-time analysis bandwidth allows it to calculate FFTs on up to 16,384 points with an overlap of at least 75%. This increases the probability of detecting an event, even if it is extremely short and infrequent.

The 13kg SignalShark Outdoor unit is designed for long term frequency spectrum monitoring applications in an outdoor environment. It has a weather-resistant, die-cast aluminum protective housing. The instrument is housed in a hermetically sealed enclosure with no ventilation openings that meets the IP65 sealing rating. The housing has been designed to dissipate the heat generated by its on-board computer.

The SignalShark Outdoor analyzer is intended for all sectors of activity requiring very long term outdoor monitoring of RF signals: government authorities, defense, homeland security… It is also suitable for checking that the frequency ranges granted to new 5G telecommunication services are free of interference or unoccupied.

The device is based on the Windows 10 operating system and uses a Quad-Core processor which can also support additional applications, such as the classification of digitally modulated signals.

Apart from the LTE antenna, which is included in the modem version of the instrument, the analyzer is not supplied with an integrated or connected antenna. The antennas can therefore be chosen by the user according to the needs of his application. Three switchable RF connectors are available to connect three separate antennas covering different frequency ranges or directions.

The SignalShark 3330 Outdoor analyzer is available in two versions. The PoE (Powerover Ethernet) version is powered by the Ethernet cable to which the unit connects and which also allows data transfer. The Modem version is powered by a DC power source, which can be supplied, for example, by a solar panel with a battery. It is equipped with an integrated LTE modem for data transfer and remote control.
# Main specifications of the SignalShark 3330 Outdoor signal analyzer:

  • Frequency range from 8 kHz to 8 GHz
  • Wideband frequency monitoring with a scan rate up to 50 GHz/s
  • 40 MHz instantaneous bandwidth
  • FFT analysis up to 16,384 points