Narda's SignalShark open modular spectrum analyzer.

Narda’s SignalShark spectrum analyzer opens up to third-party applications

  • The SignalShark spectrum analyser from Narda Safety Test Solutions, covering the frequency range from 8 kHz to 8 GHz, plays the card of software openness.
  • Its embedded computer, running the Windows 10 operating system, supports software applications for the processing and analysis of measurements developed by users or third-party suppliers.

User-specific software can be run on the SignalShark family of spectrum analyzers, which includes conventional instruments and modules without a display or HMI. Regardless of the measured data formats, the user can analyze and archive, visualize and export the data with the tools of his choice. This is done automatically, in the desired format, without intermediate processing on an external PC.

Additional sensors or measuring modules can be connected to the device, e.g. to characterize specific RF parameters and less frequent technical specifications. The open architecture of the platform makes it possible, for example, to load special decoding software directly onto the instrument. It is possible to connect components or install software modules from other suppliers. Peripherals such as printers, monitors or mice can also be connected.

Standard languages and formats commonly used in science are supported. For example, Python, the programming language known for its structured syntax, is already installed on the analyzer. With the help of an editor, simple scripts can be created to control the instrument or to relieve the technician of routine measurement tasks.

Recording functions can be installed. During the measurement process, audio comments can be recorded by the technician via a built-in microphone. These recordings can then be played back later or exported as documents.

However, the analyzer has all the tools at its disposal for its use without the need for time-consuming installation or configuration.