FlexLogger Data Logger Software from National Instruments.

National Instruments Launches FlexLogger Data Logger Software

  • National Instruments announced at NIWeek 2018 the launch of its FlexLogger software for configuration-based data recording for validation testing.
  • FlexLogger aims to provide an intuitive workflow and integrated data management environment for automotive and other test applications.
  • The acquired data is documented in order to verify the proper functioning of the systems under real conditions and to comply with regulations.

FlexLogger can be used to facilitate test configuration and key data extraction using sensor type-specific workflows to acquire and record synchronized and mixed measurements without programming. It is possible to integrate analog sensors, digital pulses, CAN bus signals and calculated channels which are all recorded in TDMS (Technical Data Management Streaming) format. This allows all data to be correlated and analyzed to fully characterize a system.

According to National Instruments (NI), these functionalities meet the testing requirements of the automotive, aerospace, agricultural and construction machinery manufacturing industries, etc. For example, CNH Industrial, designer and manufacturer of powertrains for agricultural machinery, construction machinery, trucks and buses. Since each system has unique specifications, all tests have distinct requirements and must incorporate new industrial sensors and protocols.

Andy Tarman, laboratory test engineer at CNH Industrial, says: “To characterize a combine harvester transmission, several measurements such as pressure, temperature, current, CAN bus signals and shaft speed must be combined. With FlexLogger, I can easily set up my system and check that the raw data from the different sensors are correct before starting my test. This reduces test development time by avoiding the need to reconfigure the system several times.”

FlexLogger uses NI’s data management expertise to automatically record descriptive metadata on the test configuration, including sensor and hardware acquisition parameters to facilitate traceability. Data access and results transmission can be based on the DIAdem data management software, which allows FlexLogger data to be found and analysed, and reports to be generated.