Thomas Benjamin, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of NI

New Chief Technology Officer at NI

  • NI (formerly National Instruments) has announced the appointment of Thomas Benjamin as executive vice president, chief technology officer (CTO) and head of product analysis.
  • Scott Rust has been promoted to executive vice president of the Platform & Products business.

Thomas Benjamin (pictured) will lead the development of software-based business models for test and measurement applications.

NI intends to offer solutions that connect test data through software to optimize the entire product development cycle.

The Texas-based company believes the CTO’s role will be critical in creating new long-term growth opportunities for the company, including new areas related to data, product analytics and enterprise software.

Prior to NI, Thomas Benjamin served as CTO and vice president of technology at SAP Ariba. He has also held CTO and VP positions at General Electric and Emirates Group, as well as technology leadership positions at Visa, Walmart and Oracle. He has a strong background in building software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud-native solutions powered by APIs, data and information, according to NI.

As executive vice president of Platform & Products, Scott Rust will lead NI’s global development teams responsible for creating products that meet customer needs and build capabilities into the software offering to differentiate the market and leverage the development of the entire U.S. company’s business.