Quantifi Photonics's optical test solutions.

Optical test: Coherent Solutions changes its name

  • The New Zealand company Coherent Solutions, which specializes in coherent optical communication solutions and photonic test and measurement instruments, is now called Quantifi Photonics.

“Our new name, Quantifi Photonics, reflects our vision of transforming the world of photonic testing and measurement. With the evolution of optical communication technologies, customers are demanding new solutions for challenges that are complex, time consuming and costly to solve,” said Andy Stevens, CEO of the company. In other words, Quantifi Photonics better reflects the company’s specialty and target markets for its optical test instrumentation.

Coherent Solutions, based in Auckland, New Zealand, was founded in 2012. It develops and markets test and measurement instruments for coherent optical communications: laser source, optical spectrum analyzer,
erbium-doped fiber amplifier, variable optical attenuator, optical switch, optical power meter, optical-to-electrical converter, pulse generator. Its modular solutions are integrated in PXI Express boards or in compact boxes without display. Its offer includes an bit error rate tester (BERT) and a sampling oscilloscope, both with four channels, as well as an optical pulse analyzer.

The development and manufacturing of Quantifi Photonics’ optical instruments continues in the same R&D and production facilities used by Coherent Solutions.

Quantifi Photonics continues to support Coherent Solutions branded instruments. Products ordered after September 15, 2020 will carry the new brand name.

Although the New Zealand company is abandoning the Coherent word in its name, it says it is not abandoning the field of coherent optical communications where it will continue to invest. The company recently signed an exclusive partnership with Tektronix to supply optical modulation analysis (OMA) systems. Quantifi Photonics is also interested in transceiver test systems for 400G and beyond. The company announces the market launch of a BERT PAM4 module in PXI format in Q4 2020.