LXI 65-28x Optical Switches from Pickering Interfaces

Pickering Interfaces offers new fiber optic switches available in matrix and multiplexer versions

  • Pickering Interfaces, provider of modular switching and signal simulation solutions for electronic test and verification, has added new models to its line of versatile, space-saving optical switches
  • The 65-280 (matrix) and 65-281 (multiplexer) plug-ins, for the LXI 65-200 platform, offer a range of high-density configurations up to 16×16 (matrix) and 32:1 (multiplexer) for a single plug-in.
  • Up to six plug-ins can be integrated into a single LXI 2U 65-200 chassis.

The new matrix and MUX devices use MEMS technology, using micromechanical mirrors to orient the optical signal, as opposed to optical prism devices. This allows for reduced operating time, longer life and a smaller footprint.

The 65-280 plug-ins are offered in five array options (2×2, 4×4, 5×5, 8×8 and 16×16), while the 65-281 plug-ins are available in 1:1 (SPST), 2:1, 4:1, 8:1, 16:1 and 32:1 multiplexer variants. Each family can have multiple banks of smaller switch sizes per plug-in, depending on the switch size and interface connector type.

To meet most applications, products are available with single mode (9/125), multi-mode (50/125) or multi-mode (62.5/125) fiber. A choice of connectors – FC/APC, FC/PC, SC/PC, LC or ST – allows selection of the interface best suited to the application.

Steve Edwards, Pickering’s switching product manager, said, “The 65-200 platform provides triggering and sequencing (Scan List), both of which can be used to increase the efficiency of test systems by allowing predefined test sequences to be loaded onto the unit and run automatically. In addition, because the plug-ins are based on the 65-200 platform, maintenance is simplified since the plug-ins are located at the front of the chassis, allowing them to be removed and replaced without removing the chassis from the system cabinet.”

Optical switching is suitable for applications in the telecommunications industry, such as routing high-speed signals in a network infrastructure where minimizing signal latency and preventing errors is critical.

In addition to the launch of these new LXI matrix and multiplexing plug-ins, Pickering has also updated its 4x-850A (SP4T), 4x-852A (SP8T), 4x-855A (SP2T) and 4x-860A (2×2 insert/bypass) PXI families to provide PXIe options, and specific versions are also available with LED switch status indication.

Pickering also offers a custom design service providing other matrix/multiplexer sizes as required by the application.