Pickering PXI, PXIe and LXI Multiplexers at 67 GHz

Pickering’s PXI, PXIe and LXI Multiplexers Reach 67 GHz

  • Pickering Interfaces, a provider of modular switching and signal simulation solutions for electronic test and validation, announces that its line of multiplexers operating at microwave domain frequencies now covers a frequency band up to 67GHz.
  • The new 67GHz multiplexers are available in PXI, PXIe and LXI formats. They are available in sizes that allow them to be deployed in existing test systems.

The PXI/PXIe multiplexers (model 40/42-785C) and LXI multiplexers (models 60-800 and 60-803) covering a frequency range up to 67GHz retain the same dimensions in height and number of slots as existing products operating at lower frequencies. This allows the 67GHz versions to be used in existing test systems.

The variants of these multiplexers, now available in PXIe format, cover a frequency range from 3 GHz to 67 GHz depending on the model.

The new 40/42-785C and 60-800 & 60-803 multiplexers, covering frequencies up to 67 GHz, are available as SP4T and SP6T with an SMA-1.85 connector.

The relays built into the 67 GHz multiplexers have the same lifetime as those operating at lower frequencies, at 2 million operations. That’s twice the operating life of competitive products, according to Pickering.

The new 67 GHz SP4T and SP6T relays can now be specified in Pickering’s LXI format turnkey subsystems for switching and routing microwave signals. Test engineers can specify their combination of switch types (SPDT, transfer, etc.), frequencies and interconnects, as well as any other RF product to create a custom solution for a specific test requirement.