R&S ZNA vector network analysers from Rohde & Schwarz.

Rohde & Schwarz R&S ZNA vector network analyzers extend their frequency range to 67 GHz

  • Rohde & Schwarz is expanding its R&S ZNA family of high-end vector network analyzers with models covering frequencies up to 50 GHz and 67 GHz.
  • Together with Rohde & Schwarz mmWave converters, the R&S ZNA vector network analyzer covers the frequency bands of 5G communication technologies as well as those of the future 6G standard.

The R&S ZNA vector network analyzers (VNA) are operated via a touch screen. They integrate up to four phase-coherent sources plus a fifth that can be used as a second internal local oscillator or as an additional source for measurements on mixers. Their hardware architecture, using up to eight parallel measurement receivers, is adapted to the requirements of measurements on RF and microwave components and modules.

The new VNA models, covering a frequency range of 50 GHz and 67 GHz, enable the characterization of radar modules and transceivers as well as antenna measurements. They can also be used to characterize frequency down converters used in satellite communication applications. They can generate and measure pulses and offer a wide range of triggering functions. Since its market launch, the R&S ZNA has been updated with new features such as direct source power measurement, which enables accurate measurements even on high-gain devices such as satellite receiver modules (LNBs).

Together with mmWave frequency converters and their integrated de-embedding solutions (ISD, SFD, DELTA-L and EZD), the new vector network analyzer models allow characterization of the conductive structures of printed circuit boards used by high-speed signal transmission. The RF behavior of connection accessories and I/O wiring interfaces does not affect the measurement results.

R&S ZNA vector network analyzers are suitable for research applications on active and passive components such as low-noise amplifiers (LNAs), filters, antennas and mixers. The R&S Zcxxx mmWave converters, which extend the frequency coverage to the terahertz range, enable antenna measurements on components and modules for sixth-generation (6G) wireless communication technology.