PicoScope 4425A Automotive Diagnostics Kit

Pico offers the PicoScope 4425A kit for electric vehicle testing

  • Pico Technology is launching a PicoScope 4425A test kit comprising an oscilloscope and a range of accessories suitable for diagnosing the power and drive systems of electric vehicles.

The PicoScope 4425A kit brings together a variety of test accessories to perform diagnostics on different types of electric vehicle components: DC power system or AC motor/generator drive system, charging behaviour and current distribution of 12V/HV batteries, communications between the charging system and the vehicle, three-phase current measurements to check the balance of windings under load, 12V and 48V systems.

The core element of this kit is the PicoScope 4425A modular oscilloscope, which offers four inputs, a 20 MHz bandwidth and a voltage input range of ±200 V. This faceless instrument connects to a PC via USB. The PicoScope 7 software allows technicians to control the oscilloscope module and view waveforms and measurements on large screens in the workshop.

This oscilloscope uses the PicoBNC+ plug-and-play connection solution that prevents errors when connecting probes. Interactive LEDs at the input connectors are the same color as the probes to which they are connected. The probes are automatically recognized by the software and parameterized accordingly.
# PicoScope 4425A Automotive Diagnostics Kit includes :

  • PicoScope 4425A oscilloscope module with PicoBNC+ connection technology
  • 3 PicoBNC+ 2000A current clamps
  • 4 PicoBNC+ Premium test leads
  • Active differential sensor HV
  • PicoBNC+ x10 oscilloscope probe
  • PicoBNC+ resistance test lead
  • PicoBNC+ COP probe for checking coils and spark plugs.
  • 60 A PicoBNC+ clamp
  • Insulation tester with PC Link
  • Bipolar voltage tester for 0 V potential

# Key features of the PicoScope 4425A oscilloscope :
PicoScope 4425A oscilloscope

  • 4 inputs
  • Vertical resolution: 12 bits
  • Input ranges (full scale) ±50mV to ±200V in 12 ranges
  • Bandwidth: 20MHz (10MHz in a range of ±50mV)
  • Maximum sampling rate: 100Msample/s (3 or 4 channels used), 200Msample/s (2 channels), 400Msample/s (1 channel)
  • Buffer memory of 250 Méch.
  • Serial decoding for CAN, CAN FD, FlexRay, etc.
  • USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface.