FlexRes and MSO PicoScope 5000D Series oscilloscopes from Pico Technology.

PicoScope 5000D oscilloscope modules are distinguished by their flexible resolution

  • Pico Technology announced the PicoScope 5000D series FlexRes and MSO oscilloscopes with flexible vertical resolution from 8 to 16 bits.
  • These PC controlled oscilloscope modules via USB link offer a vertical resolution of up to 16 bits and a bandwidth of up to 200 MHz for a maximum sampling rate of 1 Gech./s.
  • The PicoScope 5000D series oscilloscopes are available from $1,155 / €979 / £809 for the 5242D model (2 inputs, 60 MHz) to $3,025 / €2,575 / £2,125 for the top-of-the-range 5444D model (4 channels, 200 MHz, 16 digital inputs).

FlexRes oscilloscopes integrate several Analog/Digital converters. The inputs can be combined and interleaved to provide a sampling rate of 1 GS/s at 8 bits and 62.5 MS/s at 16 bits. Other combinations are also possible.

The MSO PicoScope 5000D models are equipped with 16 complementary digital channels allowing time correlation between analog and digital signals. Digital signals can be grouped and displayed as a bus. The information conveyed by the bus is displayed in binary, hexadecimal, decimal or level values (for the DAC test). The trigger modes can operate on analog and digital inputs.

PicoScope 5000D oscilloscopes offer a memory depth of up to 512 mega samples. PicoScope’s DeepMeasure tool analyzes every cycle contained in each triggered waveform acquisition . The results are presented in the form of a table consisting of a row for each acquisition cycle and columns for the various parameters measured. This tool displays measurements of twelve parameters per cycle and up to one million cycles.

Data decoding and analysis tools according to 18 serial bus protocols are available as standard:

  • Automotive: CAN, CAN-FD, FlexRay, LIN, SENT, SENT
  • Embedded: 1-Wire, I2C, I2S, I2S, SPI
  • Avionics: ARINC 429
  • Computer: Ethernet 10 & 100BASE-T, PS/2, UART / RS-232, USB
  • Industrial: MODBUS RTU & ASCII
  • Lighting: DMX512
  • Hobby: DCC

The PicoScope 5000D Series oscilloscopes are equipped with a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface, while remaining compatible with older generation USB standards. The PicoSDK Software Development Kit supports streaming data to the host computer at speeds up to 125 MS/s.

PicoScope software includes an equation editor for performing mathematical calculations on complex waveforms. It offers filters (low-pass, high-pass, band-pass and stop-band), trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic, statistical, integral and derivative functions. Waveforms from mathematical calculations can be plotted as well as historic peak, averaged or filtered waveforms.

The PicoSDK Software Development Kit allows users to develop their own applications for the PicoScope 5000D. Software drivers for Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac (macOS) and Linux (including Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone) are provided.