PicoSource AS108 synthesizer from Pico Technology.

Pico Technology opens a software development office

  • Pico Technology has announced the opening of its new software development office in Manchester.
  • Its software is essential for controling and processing the signals acquired by the British manufacturer’s USB format instruments.

“Pico’s growth requires the recruitment of software development engineers. As we no longer have enough space to accommodate them at our headquarters in St Neots. We have therefore opened a dedicated software development office in Manchester, United Kingdom,” said Alan Tong, the company’s general manager.

The opening of this office is accompanied by the recruitment of Mark Hastry as Director of Software Development.

The software developed by Pico to control its USB instruments is constantly evolving. However, their use and updates remain free of charge, the company says.

Headquartered in St Neots, United Kingdom, Pico Technology has been designing and marketing data loggers, oscilloscopes and signal generators integrated in compact PC-controlled housings via their USB link since 1991.

The British company also offers instruments for automotive diagnostics and RF testing.

It employs about 100 people and has subsidiaries in the United States, Germany, Lithuania and China.