Altium 365 electronics design software.

Renesas acquires Altium

  • Renesas Electronics, a Japanese manufacturer of semiconductor components, and Altium, an American-Australian electronics design software company, have announced that they have reached an agreement for Renesas to acquire Altium.
  • Under the terms of the transaction, and subject to the satisfaction of certain conditions, Renesas will acquire all outstanding shares in Altium for approximately A$9.1 billion (approx. €5.5 billion).

Founded in 1985, Altium is an American-Australian multinational specializing in automated electronic design software. It has regional headquarters in the USA, Australia, China, Europe and Japan. In 2023, the company generated sales of US$263.3 million (up 19% on FY 2022), with net income of US$66.3 million (up 20% on FY 2022).

This acquisition will combine the capabilities of Altium’s cloud-hosted design software platform with Renesas’ portfolio of electronic components, which includes processors as well as analog, power and connectivity components. It will enable the establishment of a collaborative platform dedicated to the design of electronic components, subsystems and systems, and to the management of their lifecycle.

This open platform will also enable the integration of third-party suppliers throughout the ecosystem, so that all stages of electronics design can be seamlessly carried out in the cloud.

This electronics design platform will offer integration and standardization of various electronics design data and functions, and improved component lifecycle management, while enabling seamless digital iteration of design processes.