Rohde&Schwarz RTO2000 Oscilloscope

Rohde & Schwarz adds a generator to RTO2000 and RTE oscilloscopes

Rohde & Schwarz integrates an pattern and arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) with its R & S RTO2000 and R & S RTE oscilloscopes, enabling them to deliver test signals on two analogue and eight digital channels.

The R&S RTO-B6/R&S RTE-B6 arbitrary waveform and pattern generator option provides two analog and eight digital channels operated via controls integrated into the oscilloscope GUI.

Each of the two analogue channels of the generator, which has a bandwidth of 100 MHz, can operate in four modes: function generator, modulation generator, in sweep mode or to replay arbitrary waveforms. The maximum sampling rate is 500 Ms/ s and the resolution is 14 bits.

The pattern generator can provide individually configurable digital signals over eight channels. With a data rate of up to 40 Ms / s, it can generate clock and bus signals such as the SPI bus.

The built-in generator is operated via the oscilloscope’s touch screen, which displays all the parameters of the generated signals. Arbitrary waveforms can also be captured via one of the oscilloscope inputs. For example, acquired bus telegrams can be copied into the arbitrary waveform generator at the touch of a single button.

The R & S RTO-B6 option also allows automation of Ethernet compliance testing. The arbitrary waveform generator automatically delivers the required interference signals, simplifying the configuration and execution of the test.