RTO-K87 software option for compliance testing of IEEE 1000Base-T1 with Rohde & Schwarz RTO oscilloscopes

Rohde & Schwarz R & S RTO Oscilloscopes ready for 1000Base-T1 compliance testing

  • Rohde & Schwarz offers the RTO-K87 software option for its RTO oscilloscopes to ensure the automatic compliance testing of IEEE 1000Base-T1 communication interfaces that are used in many automotive applications.

The 1000Base-T1 interface is used in the automotive sector for the transmission of data via Ethernet, particularly in the context of driver assistance systems and autonomous vehicles.

Rohde & Schwarz’s R & S RTO digital oscilloscopes can now be used to perform the tests defined in the standard and access the data transmitted via the 1000Base-T1 interfaces.

Thanks to the integrated arbitrary function generator (R & S option RTO-B6), the R & S RTO2000 models can also generate the clock signal at 125 MHz.

The R & S RTO-K87 compliance testing software provides graphics to guide users through all steps of the measurement process.

The oscilloscope is configured automatically and the results are documented in a test report.

The software also supports insertion loss and mode conversion measurements, carried out with a Rohde & Schwarz network analyzer.

The R & S RTO2000 range includes 4 and 6 GHz bandwidth models with a maximum sample rate of 10 GS/s and 20 GS/s in interlaced mode.