Electrical Safety Analyzer RSST-2004 from RS PRO

RS Components offers the electrical safety analyzer RSST-2000 of its brand RS PRO

  • The RSST-2000 series insulation controllers are among the instruments marketed by RS Components under its own RS PRO brand.
  • According to RS, these double-insulated electrical safety analyzers are the only ones in the world to comply with the IEC 61010-2-034 safety standard.

The four models of the RSST-2000 series electrical safety testers offer an output power of 200 VA. They integrate several test functions: AC and DC withstanding voltage, ground bond, and grounding continuity.

The safety testers are equipped with LED lights and an audible alarm that informs the user of the status of the test in progress or of the test results.

These testers, equipped with a 7-inch color TFT LCD display, incorporate 100 sets of manual test memory for storing various test conditions, front and rear panel input and output terminals for system integration, a front panel control interface for remote control of the output and shutdown of the analyzer as required.
The models of the :

  • RSST-2004: AC/DC Electrical Safety Analyzer / Insulation resistance / Ground bond
  • RSST-2003: Electrical Safety Analyzer AC/DC/ Insulation
  • resistance
  • RSST-2002: AC/DC Electrical Safety Analyzer
  • RSST-2001: AC Electrical Safety Analyzer

# Main specifications :

  • AC & DC Withstanding
    – Output voltage range: 0.050kV~5.000kV AC – 0.050kV~6.000kV DC
    – Output voltage resolution: 1V
  • Insulation resistance
    – Output Voltage: 50V~1200V DC
    – Output voltage resolution: 50V
  • Ground bond
    – Output Current: 03.00A~32.00A AC
    – Output current resolution: 0.01A
  • Continuity test
    – Output current: 100mA DC (fixed)
    – Measuring range of the ohmmeter: 0.10 ~ 70.00 Ω Ω