GW Instek GPT-12000 electrical safety analyzer.

GW Instek offers the GPT-12000 electrical safety analyzer

  • GW Instek has announced the GPT-12000 series safety analyzer in accordance with the IEC 61010-2-034 electrical safety standard specifying safety requirements for electrical measuring, control and laboratory equipment.
  • Part 2-034 of the standard defines the specific requirements for insulation resistance measuring devices and dielectric strength testers

This analyzer, with a 7-inch color LCD display, has an AC output power of 200VA and capacitive load test capability up to 47μF It allows the test results to be automatically extracted in table form, statistics and measurement analyses to be carried out.

The GPT-12000 range consists of four models :

  • The GPT-12001 model has AC withstanding and ground continuity measurement functions.
  • The GPT-12002 has in addition the DC withstanding measurement function.
  • The GPT-12003 comes with an additional function for measuring insulation resistance.
  • The GPT-12004 combines all these functions with the ground bond test.

This instrument offers several communication interfaces: USB Host on the front panel, and on the back panel, RS-232C and USB Device, as well as GPIB (optional).