GPP series DC power supplies from GW Instek.

GW Instek offers the GPP series of multi-channel programmable DC power supplies

  • The GPP series of multi-channel programmable DC power supplies from GW Instek delivers a maximum output power of 217W.
  • This series includes four models: the GPP-1326 with one output, the GPP-2323 with two outputs, the GPP-3323 with three outputs and the GPP-4323 with four outputs.

This series of power supplies has a programmable resolution of 1mV/0.1mA and a read resolution of 0.1mV/0.1mA.

It also has a noise ripple of less than 350uVrms/2mArms and an output transient recovery capacity of less than 50µs.

Each output has its own on/off switch.

When connecting the CH1 and CH2 outputs in series or in parallel, the tracking function uses an internal circuit to automatically switch the output to the serial or parallel output without requiring additional external wiring. This helps to improve the accuracy of the output voltage or current.
# GPP series’s main features of the:

GPP-1326 : one channel, 0~32V/0~6A
GPP-2323: two channels, CH1:0~32V/0~3A, CH2:0~32V/0~3A
GPP-3323 : three channels, CH1:0~32V/0~3A, CH2:0~32V/ 0~3A, CH3 : 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V, 5.0V/5A
GPP-4323 : four channels, CH1:0~32V/0~3A, CH2:0~32V/0~3A, CH3:0~5V/0 ~1A, CH4 : 0~15V/0~1A.
The GPP series is supplied as standard with European safety terminals, but is also available with universal terminals.