GW Instek’s PPH-1506D DC power supply.

GW Instek presents the PPH-1506D/1510D range of dual-channel DC power supplies

  • GW Instek offers the PPH-1506D and PPH-1510D series of dual-channel programmable DC power supplies.
  • They are characterized by their fast recovery time at current transients and their integrated battery simulation function.

These power supplies, with a 3.5-inch display, are capable of delivering pulse current pulses with a width of 33μs. They offer a maximum resolution of 1 mV/0.1μA

According to GW Instek, the PPH-1506D and PPH-1510D models differ from conventional power supplies in their speed of recovery at current transients. When simulating a battery, they are able to compensate for the voltage drop induced by current pulses. They have a transient recovery time that allows them to recover their output voltage to within 100mV when the current level increases from 10% to 100% of full scale in less than 40μs.

These instruments can deliver signals with a rise time of 0.2ms and a fall time of 0.3ms, providing a stable voltage even when the unit under test operates with high current transients.
# Characteristics overview:

  • PPH-1506D : CH1: 0~15V/0~3A or 0~9V/0~5A – CH2: 0~12V/0~3A
  • PPH-1510D : CH1: 0~15V/0~3A or 0~9V/0~5A, 0~4.5V/0~10A (rear connector) – CH2: 0~12V/0~3A
  • Integrated digital voltmeter
  • Resolution: 1mV/0.1μA for 5mA range
  • Current sink : 3.5A max