IoT Laboratory at the University of Aalborg uses instruments from Rohde & Schwarz.

Solutions presented by Rohde & Schwarz at embedded world 2020

  • Rohde & Schwarz will be present at the embedded world 2020 trade fair at the Nuremberg exhibition centre from 25 to 27 February.
  • Visitors to its stand 4-218 in Hall 4 will be able to see its solutions for a variety of embedded electronics testing applications.

Automotive applications
Rohde & Schwarz will be demonstrating test solutions for the automotive sector, including compliance tests for 100/1000 GBit/s automotive Ethernet on a high performance oscilloscope from the R&S RTP family. The tests specified by the TC9 working group will be demonstrated on an R&S ZNB vector network analyzer using a 1000Base-T1 connection. For developers of electric vehicles, the company is presenting a compact and flexible test solution for automotive battery management systems. The R&S NGM200 and R&S NGL200 series integrated power supplies deliver stable output voltages with low residual ripple and minimal noise, enabling simulation of a wide variety of battery types.

Test solutions for wireless and high speed digital interfaces
In the wireless sector, the R&S CMW platform of testers simplify testing of Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) devices and wearables. Rohde & Schwarz has developed a variety of Bluetooth® LE test solutions that perform RF tests over the air interface without a control cable. These solutions enable preconformance tests over the air and in shielded chambers. They support the test mode for Bluetooth Classic and direct test mode (DTM) up to Rel. 5.1 for Bluetooth LE. Test solutions for various wireless interfaces and WLAN, including IEEE 802.11ac and 11ax, are also available.

The high performance oscilloscopes of the R&S RTP familywith measurement bandwidths up to 16 GHz are ideal for signal integrity tests on high speed digital interfaces. Those oscilloscopes integrate time domain reflectometry (TDR) and time domain transmissometry (TDT) measurement functions and a real-time deembedding function, which allows the trigger system to directly access the corrected signal without bandwidth limitation. Rohde & Schwarz will also be presenting its new jitter decomposition option that enables more detailed signal integrity analysis than previously possible with oscilloscopes. These functions and all other relevant measurements and protocol analyses, such as DDR4, USB 3.1 and PCIe transmissions, will be demonstrated.

EMC test solutions
For testing EMC, Rohde & Schwarz is showing an entry-level solution for measuring radiated and conducted interference. This solution is based on the R&S FPC1000 spectrum analyzer and the R&S ELEKTRA EMI test software. The software is available in several versions: with interactive test sequences for developers or as fully automatic EMC test software for device certification. The company is also presenting the R&S FPL1000 portable spectrum analyzer with measurement functions that make it ideal for a multitude of tasks, such as EMC precompliance measurements, analyzing analog and digital signals, and scalar network analysis. When developing communications modules, for example for the IoT sector, tracking down very small and rare or sporadic interference signals is often a challenge. Rohde & Schwarz uses the R&S RTO2000 multi-domain oscilloscope with real-time capability to demonstrate how such interference in frequency ranges up to 6 GHz can be identified and the causes determined.

Power supply testing
For embedded designs, it is important that power is supplied to the individual modules at the right time and in the right sequence. The R&S RTE oscilloscope together with two R&S RT-ZVC wideband probes is a solution for power sequencing measurements. Up to 20 voltages can be analyzed simultaneously with this setup.

The R&S RTM3000 oscilloscope with 10-bit vertical resolution, 5 Gsample/s sampling rate and standard memory depth of 40 Msample per channel can be used for many R&D measurement tasks. It is adapted for measuring the control loop response of a power supply. The oscilloscope presents the measurement results in a Bode diagram, allowing developers to understand and optimize the effects of modifications.

The R&S Scope Rider RTH CAT-IV oscilloscope is a tool for servicing and maintaining all types of electrical and electronic devices. The handheld oscilloscope features the functional range of a lab instrument and can now be used to create scripts for automatic measurement runs thanks to the new R&S RTH-K38 option.

Power integrity measurements
The versatile R&S ZNL vector network analyzer is a solution for power integrity measurements in frequency ranges up to 6 GHz. It enables developers to test low impedances as required in circuit design. The R&S ZNL can be used for many different types of analyses when debugging PCBs. It combines a vector network analyzer, spectrum analyzer and power meter in a single box.

Tenth anniversary of oscilloscope market launch
Rohde & Schwarz is kicking off a special anniversary at embedded world 2020: the launch of its first two oscilloscope series ten years ago. Since then, Rohde & Schwarz has developed a portfolio consisting of eight oscilloscope families with frequency ranges up to 16 GHz, probe options and software applications. To celebrate this anniversary, Rohde & Schwarz will be raffling off ten of the popular R&S RTB2000 oscilloscopes throughout the year. To win one of these oscilloscopes, participants must submit the intended oscilloscope application and what makes the Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscope especially suitable for that task.