Gisela Hassler, CEO of Spectrum Instrumentation

Spectrum simplifies its name and extends the warranty of its instruments.

  • Spectrum Instrumentation has announced that it has extended its product warranty from two years to five years.
  • In parallel with the decision to extend the warranty period of its instruments, the German company announces its name change in order to better support its international expansion.
  • Spectrum Systementwicklung Microelectronic becomes Spectrum Instrumentation so that the company’s activity is clearly identified throughout the world.

“We know with confidence that there will be very few calls on our 5 year warranty from doing a detailed check of our repair logs of out-of-warranty repairs for customers over the past decade. The oldest product that we repaired this year was made by us fourteen years ago – we build them to last! Now all customers can have peace of mind as our products that are shipped from July 1, 2017 are warranty-covered for five years”, explained Gisela Hassler, CEO of Spectrum Instrumentation.

The extension of the warranty period is accompanied by the change of name of the German company specialized in modular instrumentation in PXI and LXI format.

“Spectrum Systementwicklung Microelectronic GmbH has become a well known and trusted name over the past 25 years in German speaking countries but was hard to say in others. This resulted in us just being called Spectrum, which we could not build a brand on. This was particularly apparent in America, which is why we chose the name Spectrum Instrumentation Corp. for our American subsidiary when we formed it in 2015. In a sense, we have trialled this new name there and it proved very popular. Spectrum Instrumentation is simple and easy to understand in most languages around the world and, importantly, clearly reflects what the company does,” added Gisela Hassler.