Tabor Electronics SE5082 AWG

Tabor Electronics 7 GHz SE5081/2 arbitrary generators

Arbitrary signal generators SE5081 and SE5082 in the Signal Expert range of the Israeli company Tabor Electronics are respectively equipped with one and two channels sampled at a maximum rate of 5 GS /s with a resolution of 12 bits. They cover analogue bandwidth up to 7GHz and offer up to 64 Mpts of memory for waveform recording. These arbitrary generators allow use on several Nyquist zones.

Overview of the characteristics of Tabor Electronics SE5081 and SE5082 arbitrary generators :

  • One or two way models
  • Maximum sampling rate of 5 GS /s
  • Digital to analog conversion with 12-bit resolution
  • 7 GHz analog bandwidth
  • Up and down time of 150 ps
  • Phase noise of -115dBc / Hz (10kHz offset)
  • Operation in several Nyquist zones until the fourth order
  • Independent or synchronized channels with 10% inter-channel offset resolution
  • Memory Depth : 16 Mpts as standard and up to 64 Mpts as an option
  • Different output amplifier modules available
  • Various trigger modes
  • Sequencer according to various scenarios
  • Two programmable markers (positions, width and levels) per channel
  • Multi-instrument synchronization