TSO820 Sampling Oscilloscope and TCR801 Optical Clock Recovery Module from Tektronix

Tektronix offers the 8 Series Sampling Oscilloscope Platform for optical testing

  • Tektronix offers the 8 Series modular platform integrating the TSO820 Sampling Oscilloscope and optical modular instruments for 2 or 4 channel parallel acquisition.

This optical test solution is configurable and scalable thanks to its architecture based on the separation between the signal acquisition hardware platform and the measurement analysis software. The values measured by the instrument are transmitted via a high-speed Ethernet link to the PC on which the TSOVu analysis software operates.

The main unit of the platform, the TSO820 is a configurable instrument integrated in a 3U package. The test solution can be configured to the application requirements by user-interchangeable modules.

The TSO8C17 and TSO8C18 optical modules offer an optical bandwidth > 30 GHz, integrating optical reference receptors (ORR) for single and multimode conformance testing in the 850 nm, 1310 nm and 1550 nm bands.

The TSOVu software platform operates independently from the oscilloscope CPU, both for the processing of direct measurements and for the post-processing of acquired data. TSOVu offers optical signal analysis tools and allows the realization of eye diagrams as well as measurements such as PAM4 and TDECQ (Transmission Dispersion and Eye Closure Quaternary).

Associated with the 8 Series sampling oscilloscope, the TCR801 module retrieves the clock from high speed optical signals in the 26 and 53 GBd rate ranges (no option required).

The optical test platform consisting of the TSO820 sampling oscilloscope and associated optical modules is suitable for compliance testing according to IEEE 802.3TM 50G, 100G, 200G and 400G standards such as 400GBASE-FR8, 400GBASE-DR4, etc. It can also support high-speed NRZ standards such as 100Gb Ethernet (100GBASE-LR4 or similar) operating at 25.78125 Gb/s.