R&S NGA100 laboratory power supplies from Rohde & Schwarz

The new R&S NGA100 series of power supplies from Rohde & Schwarz offers up to 80 W

  • Rohde & Schwarz has expanded its range of laboratory power supplies with the R&S NGA100 series, which consists of four models with one or two outputs that deliver voltages and currents of up to 35 V/6 A or 100 V/2 A per channel.
  • These power supplies provide up to 40 W for the single channel models and 80 W for the dual channel models.
  • The outputs of the dual channel power supplies can be combined to deliver voltages up to 200 V or currents up to 12 A.

The linear regulation of the outputs of these power supplies provides a standard resolution of 1 mV / 100 µA. In the current range below 200 mA, the resolution is 1 µA. This resolution is, according to Rohde & Schwarz, suitable for the low current levels that are required, for example, for standby testing of IoT devices. The dynamic range of the R&S NGA100 power supply also makes it possible to handle the power and current peaks of these same devices when they are switched on.

The FlexPower technology implemented allows the R&S NGA100 power supplies to deliver their maximum power at various operating points to cover more applications than single range power supplies. The channel outputs are galvanically isolated and not grounded.

These DC power supplies feature data logging, arbitrary waveform generation, integrated statistical calculation and remote sensing. Voltage and current values are recorded for later analysis at a rate of up to 10 samples per second. Statistical functions include the ability to display maximum, minimum and average power, voltage and current values on their 3.5″ QVGA display. The arbitrary generation mode allows voltage/current sequences to be generated with intervals of up to 10 ms.

The remote sensing function compensates for wiring losses between the output terminals of the power supply and the device under test, which is thus supplied at its input terminals with the required power level.

Data export and remote control of the power supply can be done via the standard built-in Ethernet and USB ports. A WLAN interface and external digital trigger inputs/outputs are also available as options.
# Overview of R&S NGA100 power supply specifications:

  • Number of output channels: 1 or 2
  • Maximum output power per channel 40 W
  • Output voltage per channel
    – 0 V to 35 V (R&S NGA101 and R&S NGA102 models)
    – 0 V to 100 V (R&S NGA141 and R&S NGA142 models)
  • Maximum output current per channel
    – 6 A (R&S NGA101 and R&S NGA102 models)
    – 2 A (R&S NGA141 and R&S NGA142 models)