Trescal Metrology services

Trescal announces three acquisitions in Belgium, France and Brazil

  • Trescal, a specialist in metrology services, announces the acquisitions of the Belgian LBT Testing and Calibration, the French C2M and the Brazilian Metrology in Vitoria.
  • These are the 9th, 10th and 11th acquisitions made by Trescal since its acquisition by Omers, the main shareholder of the Trescal group in April 2018.

LBT Testing and Calibration, created in 1992 in Louvain-la-Neuve (near Brussels), employs 16 people. The Belgian company provides BELAC-accredited on-site or laboratory calibration services and validation services to manufacturers in the life sciences sector. It provides calibration services for carbon dioxide incubators and has expertise in the field of climate for the calibration of humidity and temperature instruments.

Brazilian Metrology is one of two private and accredited calibration laboratories located in the state of Espirito Santo. Based in Vitoria, it employs 8 people.

The team of four C2M employees, based in Mont Saint Aignan (76) and specialized in the calibration and repair of measuring instruments, has joined the Trescal laboratory in Rouen (France). It will bring its expertise in the fields of electricity, temperature, humidity and pressure as well as its know-how for first-level repair.

These acquisitions will increase Trescal’s revenue by approximately €3 million. The French group, which has a turnover of €325 million, has more than 135 metrology laboratories in 22 countries where it employs 3550 people.