Viavi’s OneAdvisor-800 all-in-one cell site tool

Viavi Introduces a Field Test Instrument for O-RAN Deployment

  • Viavi Solutions announced that the OneAdvisor-800 all-in-one cell site tool can be upgraded with the O-DU Emulation application to verify field deployment of O-RAN radios.
  • As mobile service providers build their 5G networks to scale, OneAdvisor-800 now provides capabilities for cell site deployment, including fiber inspection and characterization, cable and antenna analysis, and O-RAN radio verification.

Service providers and equipment manufacturers worldwide are adopting open radio access networks to reduce infrastructure costs and lower the barrier to entry for new product innovation.

In line with these benefits, O-RAN also enables carriers to thoroughly validate the tower installation very early in the process, thereby reducing installation problems and accelerating deployments. Viavi has addressed these requirements by augmenting the OneAdvisor-800 cell site tool.

OneAdvisor-800 is a single, modular instrument designed to help cell site technicians test fiber, radio frequency (RF), and Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI), eliminating the need for multiple independent tools.

The addition of the Open Distributed Unit (O-DU) Emulation application further streamlines site verification and guards against future truck rolls by enabling functional testing of the Open Radio Unit (O-RU) upon installation, rather than waiting until the O-DU is in place. The technician’s work is simplified by guided workflows, with Job Manager programming the service provider’s test criteria, and automatically uploading results to the StrataSync cloud.