Viavi’s TeraVM 5G Core Emulator solution.

Viavi Announced 3GPP-Compliant 5G Core Emulator for 5G Network Deployments

  • Viavi Solutions launched the TeraVM 5G Core Emulator solution for emulating 5G networks in accordance with 3GPP mobile telephony standards.

Viavi’s TeraVM and RANtoCore solutions enable end-to-end testing and validation of 5G base stations, simplifying the development cycle of gNodeB base stations (gNB) in accordance with 3GPP standards.

The TeraVM 5G Core Emulator allows RANtoCore gNB testing and validation before the core network is available.

This allows Radio Access Network (RAN) engineers to control their own test environment from the core network emulation that is always available.

The 5G Core Emulator software emulator facilitates the evolution to a converged RAN and core network, and allows future 5G networks to be maintained without disrupting the services currently operated by subscribers.

Operating in a virtualized environment, and integrated in a portable format, the TeraVM 5G Core Emulator scalable solution can be configured to meet specific RAN test needs, supporting both standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) 5G variants, as well as IoT, VoLTE and legacy 2G, 3G and 4G RAN architectures.