Yokogawa ScopeCorder DL950

Yokogawa announces the ScopeCorder DL950 multichannel recorder

  • The multichannel digital recorder of the ScopeCorder DL950 series from Yokogawa combines the functions of a signal acquisition system with those of an oscilloscope.
  • Its platform can accommodate eight modules for acquisition and conditioning of different types of signals (voltage, constraints, accelerations, frequencies, temperatures …) as well as modules for connection to CAN or LIN buses.
  • The ScopeCorder DL950, equipped with a 12.1-inch touch screen, can thus combine up to 32 analog inputs and up to 128 digital channels.

The dual capture function combines the functionality of a digital recorder with the triggering capabilities of an oscilloscope. It allows waveform details to be analyzed while the acquisition process on multiple channels continues over longer periods of time.

The DL950 recorder, which embeds a memory of 8 Gpoints, offers five recording modes, allowing users to choose the appropriate method for their application. They can select to record to internal memory, flash memory (coming soon), internal hard disk drive (SSD) or PC via a standard Ethernet or 10 Gigabit Ethernet interface.

Measurements can be recorded continuously on a PC at data rates of up to 160 MB/sec. The data volume is only limited by the storage capacity of the PC. Using a 10 Gigabit Ethernet link, data can be transferred from the ScopeCorder DL950 to a PC at a speed of 10 MS/s. The transfer is supported by a fiber optic cable and the manufacturer’s IS8000 software.

The DL950 ScopeCorder will soon be able to record the measurements on an embedded Flash memory. The data will be able to be memorized over long periods at a sampling rate of 20Méchs/s for 8 channels and 10Méchs/s for 16 channels.

The internal SSD hard disk offers a recording autonomy of up to 50 days. Depending on the sampling rate, it is possible to record data for 5 hours on one channel at a sampling rate of 2MS/s, or for 20 hours at 200 kS/s on 16 channels.

Yokogawa ScopeCorder DL950 acquisition module range Range of signal acquisition modules that can be plugged into the ScopeCorder DL950 chassis
Range of signal acquisition modules that can be plugged into the ScopeCorder DL950 chassis.

Up to eight signal acquisition modules can be plugged laterally into the ScopeCorder DL950 housing. Yokogawa offers a range of 21 different types of isolated input modules digitizing signals with 12-, 14- and 16-bit resolution, universal voltage/temperature modules, accelerometer/voltage modules, strain gauge bridge modules and frequency modules. A new isolated voltage input module up to 1000V allows digitizing frequency signals up to 40 MHz at a sampling rate of 200 MS/s with 14-bit resolution.

Up to five DL950 ScopeCorder can be synchronized, extending the number of inputs to 160 analog channels. Five recorders each equipped with eight 16-channel temperature modules make it possible to monitor 640 temperature probes simultaneously.